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Curbolo Firus - Aug 11, 2005 2:46 am
Master of Misapprehension

TJ Woodlawn, "Science and Religion" #829, 5 Aug 2005 4:55 am

I understand that Dubya is teaming up with Curbolo Firus, MMA, to publish a seminal new book on Mimetic Nihilism.

The book is out, but I didn't ghost write it for Dubya.

So far I've only seen one review of it, and it wasn't all that flattering...

Mimetic Nihilism is about the cancerous spread of nihilistic practices in our culture. These practices were recently dramatized in a long-running soap opera, "Bildungsroman in the Age of Character Assassination."

The book presents a withering criticism of the practice of Mimetic Nihilism, and concludes with a scathing criticism of itself: "This book not only makes a mockery of Mimetic Nihilism, it stands as a nefarious and unconscionable model of the very cancer which it passionately urges us to eradicate."