Little Lo Bleep

I'm feeling a Little Lo... I'm feeling a little bilious. I'm feeling a little trashed. I'm feeling a little trapped. I'm feeling a little trampy. I'm feeling a litttle crippled. I'm dwelling on my little feelings. I'm feeling a little drilled. It kills my spirits. I'm feeling a little demonized. I'm feeling a little sermonized. I'm feeling a little frosty. I'm feeling a little icy. Now I see what I have been feeling. I am beginning to see a pattern. I am beginning to hear my patter. I am beginning to sense the clatter. Now I see what may be the matter. My teeth are beginning to chatter. My teeth are beginning clench. I'm sitting on the bench. I'm leaning against a fence. I'm inclined to take offense. Where is my common sense? i'm feeling a little dense. nothing makes any sense nothing? nothing makes sense? o i'm feeling a little enlightenment i'm feelng a lotle foolish now i'm beginning to see a little better now i'm beginning to see my way home now i'm beginning to see my front stoop i'm seeing some kind of a mess i'm eyeing a stoopy mess i'm sensing a stoop id ness a finger runs through a tress i feel a bit distressed i feel the need for rest i rise above the rest has this been a test? i am doing my best all the best? well I guess stop the press good news god rules no fools tools twos us .