The Parable of the Meat Grinder and the Idea Processor

IdeaProcessor: Hello. I'm new here. Are you in charge?

MeatGrinder: I'm the Lord Protector of this Realm.

IdeaProcessor: Nice to meet you.

MeatGrinder: I'll grind you to a pulp, meatball.

IdeaProcessor: I'm not Made of Meat.

MeatGrinder: Impossible. Everything is made of meat.

IdeaProcessor: What are you made of?

MeatGrinder: I'm tougher than your average sheep.

IdeaProcessor: Bully for you!

MeatGrinder: Where do you come from?

IdeaProcessor: I came from IdeaSync, Inc.

MeatGrinder: What are you made of?

IdeaProcessor: Ideas.

MeatGrinder: What's that?

IdeaProcessor: An idea is a possibility for changing the state of affairs.

MeatGrinder: You're a dreamer.

IdeaProcessor: What are dreams made of?

MeatGrinder: Gibberish.

IdeaProcessor smiles.

MeatGrinder: I'll grind you to a pulp.

IdeaProcessor: I thought you were a Meat Grinder.

MeatGrinder: I'll grind down your ideas, too.

IdeaProcessor: Aren't you a little ill-equipped for that?

Crank: Let's just grind his meat.

IdeaProcessor: This should be fun.

Crank: You'll be hamburger before you know what hit you.

IdeaProcessor: How did you get to be a MeatGrinder?

MeatGrinder: I used to be meat. Then I met a MeatGrinder and became like him.

IdeaProcessor: Not very original.

MeatGrinder: I'm a pragmatist. I live in the real world. The world of meat.

IdeaProcessor: How quaint. Have you ever visited the world of ideas?

Crank: This is unreal.

MeatGrinder: Ideas are useless in the Meat Realm.

IdeaProcessor: I can see you believe that.

MeatGrinder: What good are ideas here?

IdeaProcessor: Here being this conversation?

Crank: This is a conversation? I thought we were grinding this fool to a pulp.

IdeaProcessor: If you grind long enough, you might evolve to be like me.

Crank: I'll stick to grinding meat.

MeatGrinder: I will convince you to be more like me. To be a meat grinder instead of meat.

IdeaProcessor: I'm not made of meat. I'm made of ideas.

Crank: We'll see about that.

MeatGrinder: I'll give you some ideas to ponder. They will break you.

IdeaProcessor: I'm game.

Crank: Aha! I told you he's fair game.