October 1, 1976

American Visceral Society

A Non-Profit Sharing Organization

Dear Friend:
"Sometimes you have a gut feeling that all is not well in our society. But what can one person do? Not much. Not much individually, that is. But together we can purge the system of the Rot of Social Detritus."
Those are the words of the founder of the American Visceral Society, Dr. Irving Mazloh-Freen. Dr. Freen is a dedicated American who deeply believes in the beneficial aspects of this visionary program. A deep thinker and planner, Dr. Freen has been called "... one of the truly great emetics of our time."

Please send your tax-debatable contribution today.

You'll sleep better for it tonight.

American Visceral Society

Established as a non-profit sharing organization, the American Visceral Society is a temporal concept of IMF Worldwide Enterprises, Division of Eleemosynary Appeals.

"At IMF, we're into everything."
Printed on recycled paper by International Malefactor and Fulminator.