Pied Rants of Pissants


It has come to my attention that the calumny, so recently directed at lurkers and squabblers, has now spread to other pseuds, including those we hold most sacred and dear.

I declare it unseemly and disrespectful to demean such highly sensitive spirits and I shall not hesitate to haunt those who obliviously delight in bringing such mean-spirited suffering to our beloved maunderers.

I warn you, I am the very model of a modem maker's genitals. I've information general, of Ethernets and protocols.

I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters dramaturgical. I understand relations, both the simple and heretical. About binary contretemps I'm teeming with a lot o' clues, with many lurid facts about the banning of the snot o' truth.

I'm very good at bickering and pseudocidal incubus; I know the domain server names of lurkers categoricus: In short, in matters lunatic, myopic and debatable, I am the very model of a modem maker's genitals.

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"It ain't over until it ain't over yet."
            --Yogi Bearly Just Begun